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After struggling for months, we finally broke down and called DBLG for help. Their professional and understanding staff gave me the information I needed. They show they care and made the extra efforts to keep our family assured.

Social Security Disability Attorney, Donna Baslee, and her team fought and won for me against a national pandemic - COVID-19. I was hospitalized for months fighting against a disease that no one understood or knew how to cure. Ms. Baslee and her firm came highly recommended and my family was able to put her in place on my case before I even came off the ventilator. Without hesitation, Ms. Baslee accepted the challenge and fought hard for me against a disease that was unpredictable in a system that was not prepared for this evil. Ms. Baslee took on a new type of disability without hesitation and worked hard to figure out the best way to represent my interests for long-term disability. I would recommend Donna Baslee to anyone who has found themself disabled and who is fighting against a complicated legal system to recover short-term or long-term support. Her staff was compassionate and empathetic while dealing with an unknown disease in a national crisis. I am proud to say that Donna fought hard to win my case and won on the first shot. Way to go! I appreciate you very much, as well as my family.

I was so impressed with their intimate knowledge of social security policies. They helped me close my claim and even helped get benefits I was unaware I had rights to. They took the time to understand me and my needs. I consider them family.

Rosemary S
Carlsbad, NM

Teresa M

Victor R
Albuquerque, NM

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