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Our Leadership


Donna Baslee, Attorney & Owner

Donna grew up wanting to be a lawyer. But as everyone knows, life takes many turns. Prior to going to law school, Donna received her MBA degree and had a successful career as an auditor. She traveled the United States auditing Fortune 500 companies, including eight years auditing Walmart and Sam’s Club. Donna began her law career at one of the best family law firms in New Mexico. She will forever be grateful to the two “founding mothers” (as the associates attorneys like to call them behind their backs!) for all the knowledge and wisdom they imparted. Joining Jeff Diamond’s firm has been a life-changing event for Donna. Representing clients in their disability cases was a dream come true for her. She loves fighting for her clients whose life has been turned upside down by physical or mental health issues, often through no fault of their own. In her spare time, Donna has two teenage sons who keep her very busy. By starting the Diamond Baslee Legal Group, Donna has checked a big goal off her bucket list, but she still has a couple of big dreams up her sleeve!

Our Staff


Cindy Martinez
Case Manager

Cindy is lifelong New Mexican, born and raised in Northern NM. She has worked with our disability clients since 2019 and in the Behavioral Health, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse industries prior to joining the firm. She is also bilingual and works closely with our Spanish speaking clients as well. Cindy is passionate about doing her job well and representing our clients with gusto? No challenge is too big for her to conquer. Her empathy and compassion put our clients at ease because they feel heard and understood, something that can be difficult in today’s world. In her spare time, Cindy enjoys exploring her Hispanic culture and spending time with her extended family. She can be found at a family gathering in Northern New Mexico at least once a month or more. Cindy also enjoys experiencing new things with her close friends and family.


Samantha Fernandez
Medical Records Specialist

Samantha Fernandez is another member of our El Paso team. She has worked for the firm for over two years as our Medical Records Specialist. Samantha has a bachelor’s degree from UTEP and is currently working toward a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health. Samantha is our sweet and bubbly team member. She is a great listener and really enjoys working with our clients and their medical providers. With her educational background, Samantha understands the difficulties of many of our clients who struggle with mental health impairments. In her spare time, Samantha is an explorer. She loves learning new things about her local area and traveling as much as possible. Even when she is unable to travel, she loves to indulge in a great meal and then exercise off the calories and if she isn’t meditating, she is probably binge watching something on television.


Patsy Barlow
Hearing Manager

Patsy has lived most of her life in El Paso, TX. She has worked for the firm for over ten years, always fighting for the rights of our clients. She is scrappy and not afraid to bump heads with a Social Security representative. Clients love her because she is firm and fair and fights hard to help the disabled community. She has a heart of gold and protects our clients like a momma bear! Somehow Patsy finds more than 24 hours in her day. She is always working at the firm or active in the community. Patsy is a very active member of her church. She enjoys reading but doesn’t have time to do it because she is too busy volunteering at homeless shelters, church activities, or animal rescues. Patsy is one of a kind and DBLG is lucky to have her! If you are in the El Paso or West Texas area and are ready to file disability, give Patsy a call.

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